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Fair Pay Agreements will be the biggest improvement in employment law in New Zealand in a generation. Add your name to support the passing of a good Fair Pay Agreement law.

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Let's Make Work Fair Now


I believe we can have better working lives in New Zealand.

I know that in many sectors there are people stuck on minimum wages, with bargain-basement work rights, in what I know are important jobs and industries. The current system isn't working.

So, I support a Fair Pay Agreement law that will:

  • Deliver real improvements in working people’s lives.
  • Give working people a voice to negotiate in union.
  • Cover every person working in an industry or occupation.
  • Be about the whole of work – including training, career pathways, health and safety and flexible working - as well as pay and incomes, and
  • Prevent employers from undermining each other and undermining the process for making improvements.

Together we can make work fair now.